Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Three brothers have to divide the land, but the percentages are slouching and the bank note seems to be in trouble.

The land costs a lot of money and the 2.26 billion in taxes depends heavily on the final bills. Unfortunately, the two older brothers were able to force their youngest, Dong-Sam,

the remaining 260 million won in debt, making a cool 5 and 3 billion.

This man is Dong Geu-ra-mi's father and Young-Woo is no longer a lawyer and stops at the end of episode 3,

Gue-Ra-Mi enlists the help of her friend in an attempt to stop this injustice. He and Young-Woo's father run away, taking this note at the same time.

It was here that Geu-Ra-Mi was caught off guard and decided to help Young-Woo. Since then, Young-Woo has stayed with him, admitting that he felt safe that he was not a good fit for the school.

The fact that there's a bit of romance in the air between her and Jun-Ho is super fun and I hope the show continues to explore that, breaking barriers and building on it.

However, in the end, Amazing Attorney Woo has been a fun series so far, and the finale definitely opens the door for an interesting double bill coming next week.


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