Finn Grants Steffy’s Monaco Wish, Lifetime Follows Sheila’s Defeat

While Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is thrilled to know Steffy and the kids abroad are safe, his heart is also broken by his former flame.

Liam mentions that Steffy and Finn once wanted to travel to Monaco together, but now he thinks Steffy will never get the chance.

Here, Finn and Steffy finally have some great reunion scenes, so the show is gearing up for that — especially now that Steffy has lost Finn as her traveling companion.

Finn wakes up but has new obstacles to overcome as Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is in total control at this point.

Freedom isn't too far away, but Finn has to resort to some deception - and even so, Finn may need outside help to make his escape.

However, Finn will come out one way or another, which means there is hope that Steffy's holiday wish will come true.

Steffy and Finn will continue to live together in Los Angeles, but they can enjoy Monaco and whatever other destinations they currently choose.

Sooner or later, Sheila's luck runs out and she pays the price, while Steffy comes to a beautiful Finn reunion she never thought possible.


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