First Loki Season 2 Detail Undoes Season 1 Finale’s Biggest Twist

New details have surfaced indicating that Loki season 2 will undo the biggest twist of the Season 1 finale, but Marvel Studios has a good reason for that.

Filming has begun on the second season of the show directed by Tom Hiddleston. While Marvel Studios are typically in awe of the details on Loki season 2,

Images and videos have surfaced providing new information on what to expect when the God of Evil returns to Disney +.

During Loki's first season, the villain-turned anti-hero met new friends, including Mobius (Owen Wilson), a Time Variation Authority (TVA) agent, with whom he developed a brotherly bond.

At the end of Loki, it was revealed that the God of Evil was sent to an alternate iteration of the organization personally run by the more ruthless variant of the One Who Remains,

Kang the Conqueror, where he met a different version of Mobius, one who doesn't know who he is. This was a clear stepping stone for what comes next for the God of Evil.

This was a clear stepping stone for what's to come next for God of Mischief, with season 2 confirmed immediately.

All of that appears to have almost been confirmed by the leaked merchandise for the upcoming film, which provided the first glimpses of Namor's design.