Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Is Return In Season 19

It was a mass exodus for Gray Sloan's medical professionals in Grey's Anatomy season 18 finale. Bailey retired,

Webber took a gap year, the residents were orphaned, and Teddy and Owen were on the run from the police.

A former Grey's Anatomy actress recently talked about the possibility of her character returning in the next season, and she's someone fans are definitely hoping to see more of.

Kate Walsh, whose character Addison Montgomery was fiercely introduced in the season 1 finale in 2005, spoke of the "possibility" of a return in season 19.

Walsh appeared in three episodes of season 18, and while things didn't go as planned with his uterus transplant patient, it didn't seem like their story was over!

It looks like things are still in the air regarding whether and how Kate Walsh will fit into the plan for season 19, but it's encouraging that talks are underway.

She also seemed to be the voice of reason and comic relief at the hospital when everyone was angry that Meredith wanted to move to Minnesota.

Raver said she hopes her story doesn't end like this and that she and McKidd have signed up for another season.


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