General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Leads Sonny In Danger

Michael could do anything that could ruin Sonny's life. Sonny may die.

This fills Michael with guilt, but he learns the harder way. What will Michael do? This is all about it.

In a recent episode at General Hospital, Michael Drew says Sonny is not dead to him yet. Drew and Michael talk about how he wants to crush Sonny,

and he wanted her to know she was behind it. Michael then insisted that he could prevent Sonny from dying.

Ever since this conversation had taken place, Drew had feared that Michael would be something he regretted.

Strangely, Michael spoke of Sonny's "tower to death." It's descriptive. But what Michael had been thinking and reacting about lately,

let's not forget he goes so far as to try to kill Sonny. Michael is very angry with Sonny.

If Michael did something like that, the whole Corinthian family would be shocked. They don't know what their reaction will be.


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