General Hospital Spoilers

The next episode of General Hospital will air on Monday (June 13, 2022) and promises an exciting drama! Esme will be suspected of Spencer as Felicia.

Carly sets up a surprise for Drew and Michael. Ava, on the other hand, gets a nasty shock from her husband Nika. In the end, Sonny has a shocking encounter. What is it about? Everything can be found here.

Because of her relationship with Mac Scorpio, Felicia seems to have enough strength to persuade the guards to leave her. Ryan had to go back to act like he was locked up.

While Esme invents the story of the present, she wants to talk. This story is easily thrilling because Felicia wonders who Esme is, who deceived her.

Of course, Felicia is probably Esme's biological mother, who adds a layer of intrigue.

Elsewhere at General Hospital, Drew Cain smiles as Lucy Coe talks about the tone she is willing to listen to.

As Drew and Michael Corinthos tried to raise the stock price before the merger, Lucy might consider investing in Aurora.

Michael and Drew, on the other hand, soon find that the price has risen abruptly.


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