Gentleman Jack Creator - ‘Options Are Being Explored’ for Potential 3

Despite the cancellation of Gentleman Jack earlier this month, series creator Sally Wainwright is offering hope to devastated fans of the lesbian-era drama.

In an interview with, Wainwright said "there's a desire to keep it going among a lot of people."

After HBO decided not to continue their partnership for a third season, the trick was to "find another partner to stream it worldwide."

“It was an all-around successful show for them – it got rave reviews, it had a very respectable audience and more than that it had an impact on the gay community.

Gentleman Jack - inspired by the real-life diaries of Anne Lister - stars Suranne Jones as Anne,

whose journey to reclaim his uncle's land in 1832 led to a series of adventures, including an affair with another woman, Ann Walker.

"I've never been on a show that had such a big impact and touched my heart so much," Jones said when news of the show's cancellation was announced.

"It's not always the fastest job I have ... but it's always worth the effort to see the reaction it gets." Rundle added: “I am very proud to be a part of reclaiming their place in history.


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