GH Spoilers - Spencer’s Dangerous Move, Josslyn’s Mouth Spell Disaster

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the week will likely end in disaster for everyone — or so one GH doctor thought.

As Josslyn stood at Trina's trial, she had information that could blow the prosecution's entire case apart, but she said.

she announces that she is there to reveal some facts, but Trina has already promised not to reveal that Trina was with Spencer when the tape was released.

Now that she's no longer the owner of the hotel, Carly Corinthos has something new up her sleeve, and she's ready to make sure Esme doesn't bother anyone anymore—especially her daughter.

Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) has another bad week as Brando Corbin insists on getting treatment, but Nina Reeves is there to comfort her.

At the same time, a fight breaks out at the boxing gym and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is not happy about what happened.

Britt Westbourne predicts disaster for BFF Brad Cooper. He's probably talking about everything that happened, he had a date with Cody Bell this week that he never wanted to pursue.

she would give it an old college key. Many fans don't like the idea of Britt and Cody, but the soap will still go there.


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