Grading Every Zach Wilson Throw At New England Patriots

Our QB Grades series continues with Jack Wilson's seventh start of the 2022 season and 20th start of his NFL career.


From the perspective of fans watching at home, Wilson appears to be taking a big risk in New York.

Jets in their crushing 10-3 upset of the New Britain Nationals. He made all the progress in his previous game

moved by a terrible murder. Ultimately, Wilson's performance in Foxboro prompted the Jets to bench him for Mike White.

Is Wilson really that bad? Can he be said to be more cruel than individuals give him credit for?

Or, on the other hand, are individuals misrepresenting the severity of Wilson's problem? The QB Class Series is here to answer those questions.

Before diving into Wilson's presentation, assuming you're new to how my QB class series works, check out the explanation and glossary below.

My goal with this evaluation framework is to capture the true nature of a quarterback's presentation. Box score insights are huge

misleading because they do not represent the various elements that determine whether a quarterback is good or not good at a game.

After re-watching every game in each of the 22 films, I graded them on a scale of 0 to 10. As I finish watching each game,


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