Great Weekly Horoscopes For The Three Zodiac Signs

It has to do with how we see our own life and how we can be better than what we already know. This week is about the ability to see beyond our current limitations.


The week of September 12, 2022 will be a "trial by fire" for some constellations, but the fire is only there to refine us and burn away the past so that we can stand firmly in the present.

As a result, we start the week feeling emboldened and ready for what is yet to come. We are here to fight the good fight; we are mighty warriors.

Though the battle may be between us, we fight to overcome them, for that is the way of warriors. There is no other option, and many of us will celebrate an important personal victory this week.

The benefits of the Moon square Venus and the Quarter Moon in Gemini can clarify how we see love and happiness.


This is the mid-September rush for you; you've been on this journey before, and that usually means you feel ready, excited, and capable of great things in the coming fall season.


You want to think that everything is conceivable and probable for you to achieve amazing results, and this week will bring you many opportunities to show that yes, you too can be successful.


There's no denying that you enjoy a certain level of control, so you'll be glad to know that this week is entirely within your control.


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