Grey’s Anatomy S18 Finale Revealed How Bad Meredith’s Ellis Curse Is

The announcement of Kate Burton's return to play Ellis Gray in Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy has led to much speculation that Meredith will soon be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

but the reason for her presence actually indicates how bad Meredith's curse on Ellis was. Ellis and Meredith's relationship with him is even more important during Grey's Anatomy Periods 1 to 3,

although Ellis always appeared on the show. As Meredith's career progressed, despite her success, she was more comparable

to her mother’s, it'd be easy to think Meredith was finally freed of the expectations to obtain Ellis Grey’s greatness.

While viewers have always seen Meredith as a separate character and her successes and failures as a product of Meredith's decisions instead of exaggerating Ellis's influence on her,

Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy shows how tightly Ellis holds Meredith's image for her daughter.

It’s unknown whether Kate Burton’s Ellis Grey will be as present in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 as she was in season 18.

Grey's Anatomy, after all, aptly describes Ellis's continued view of Meredith's views on Meredith's election, so that Meredith may be the happiest ending in the end.


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