Grey’s Anatomy S18 Proved The Sad Truth Of Meredith’s Happy Ending

Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy shows how Meredith struggles with her past and focuses on her happiness at every point, without trying to be bothered by problems.

Meredith of Ellen Pompeo was constantly convinced of her decision to leave Seattle and the Gray Sloan Memorial in the final part of the 18th season of Gray's Anatomy.

While its take-off occurred immediately after the emergency program stay was closed and awaited rescue,

She examines how Meredith's past at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital and her lack of strength to handle it have affected her life and prevented her from living it to the fullest.

Until Kate Burton's renewed attempt at Ellis Gray was announced for Season 18 of Gray's Anatomy, many accepted that it meant Meredith would begin portraying it.

This is doom for the hero of the clinical show, because the famous Grey's Anatomy, who concludes the hypothesis, expects Meredith to get the same Alzheimer's disease as Ellis.

Interestingly, Ellis has always been there when Meredith invested her energy in Seattle, unlike her key Minnesota survey.

Their candid discussion reveals Richard's feelings after Ellis kicks into the bucket, how he sees it all, and Seattle feels terrible because of his hurtful memories.


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