Hale & William’s Plan In Westworld Season 4: All Reveals Explained

The nefarious plot of Charlotte Hale and the Man in Black is laid bare - here's what we know after Westworld season 4 episode 2.

When Dolores finally ran away from WestWorld in the climax of HBO's second season finale, she planted copies of herself within four other hosts.

Charlotte Hale was one of those clones, but she became a new personality over the course of Westworld's third season.

Hale built an assistant host from the Man in Black park's violent alter ego, then set about building new robots from the security of his company's research department.

Set seven years after season three, Westworld's fourth season revealed something about Hale and William's evil machinations in its opening episode, "The Auguries".

Keeping a low profile, Delos steadily purchased vacant land near the Hoover Dam before acquiring the landmark itself in the most hostile of acquisitions.

It is strongly implied by Westworld that the dam, now converted into a huge hard drive, contains data from Section 16 of Delos previously stolen by Dolores.

Tessa Thompson finally joins Ed Harris on screen, and her character is surprisingly chatty when discussing future plans for humanity.


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