Has ‘The Family Chantel’ Star Pedro Jimeno Reunited With His Father?

Family star Chantel Pedro Jimeno traveled in season 3 in search of his father Pedro Sr. after he lost his life when he was a child.

Despite a 90-day-old alum fiancé asking his mother, Lidia Jimeno, and her grandmother, he was left alone with many questions and went to meet the other side of his family.

In a furious conversation with her grandmother and mother, his grandmother revealed that Pedro Sr. he met his mother as she left home from school.

"You must see things as they once were," Lidia explained to her son in Spanish in November 2021. "He used to come with a full car, and if we needed him, he could get it."

After her grandmother admitted that her grandfather also had children with several women, Lidia added, "Grandpa, great-grandfather ... they were all like that. It's a cycle."

"I met your father and he didn't tell me he had a wife and children," the mother of two continued. "Dominican culture is like that."

Since Peter had no answer from his family, he went to his uncles with his questions. Meet Jonathan and Pedro Jr. he learned for the first time on Santa Sunday that his father had never mentioned him or Nicole to his second family.

His brother stated that he only had other children, Pedro Sr. "He gave me the task, 'Here, arrange the papers,' and whatever.


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