Hayden Christensen Wants His Own Darth Vader Series on Disney+

Although there are rumors that a man or woman may return to several Star Wars missions that are currently underway.

"Absolutely," the actor THR ordered when asked if he wanted to see the realization of the series Father. "To do more with that man would be first class!"

Christensen reveals that the villain is trying to completely throw away everything left of Anakin in his existence.

"Yes, I normally see Anakin as the line and undercurrent of this man," the actor continued. "My father tried his best to kill that part of himself,

however, there should always be a small Anakin. And it gives itself and it comes with a laugh. I always think about the Anakin element of this character.

Christensen admits that his concept has long led him to surpass this film, so when he was approached by Lucasfilm to return to the franchise, there was a surprise.

Actor Darth Vader announces HeyUGuys. "But really, in the back of my head, I can hope for a moment that such an opportunity will arise in the future."

Christensen continued. "It's a man or a woman who is so important to me and also to different people.


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