Here’s Why Tomi Lahren Is Defending Sydney Sweeney

Are Sydney Sweeney’s family members Trump supporters? This is the question that kept internet sleuths and Euphoria fans up over the weekend. It also made Sweeney a new conservative talking point.

Speculation began after Sweeney posted photos from a “surprise hoedown” celebration for her mother’s birthday. The party included mechanical bull riding, line dancing in a barn, a cowboy booth-themed birthday cake, and … parody MAGA hats?

That last accessory raised some serious eyebrows, and they weren’t even included in Sweeney’s post. The hats actually made an appearance on a post by her brother

Trent Sweeney, who clarified that the red baseball caps actually said “Make Sixity Great Again,” not “Make America Great Again.” (Whether or not that’s much better is…debatable. The red hat may never recover.)

Fans, especially those who missed the writing on the red hats, were skeptical of the event and were quick to label her family as Trump supporters.

Memes joking that her family had been at the Capitol on January 6 started, as did the Euphoria memes, almost immediately.

It didn’t take long for Sweeney to notice the backlash to her mother’s country-themed party.

She took to Twitter to quell the rumors, but it might not have the effect she intended. “You guys this is wild,” she tweeted over the weekend. “An innocent celebration for my mom’s milestone 60th birthday


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