House Hightower’s History & Where They Are During GOT

House hightower may also had been not noted of recreation of thrones' story, however their history and family tree may be explored in residence of the dragon.


The history of House Hightower plays an important role in House of the Dragon, even though the family does not appear in Game of Thrones.

While House of Dragons mainly focuses on the Targaryen family dynasty 200 years before Game of Thrones.

The prequel show also introduced many families that were split up or lost before the original series.

Along with House Velaryon (led by Corlys Velaryon), the most powerful House of the Dragon Family is not involved in Game of Thrones House Hightower.

House Hightower would be one of the three main families of the Dragon House due to its extraordinary power, wealth, and proximity to the Iron Throne.

Two of the most prominent characters in house of the dragon are otto hightower, the hand of the king to viserys targaryen, and his daughter alicent hightower.

Residence of the dragon’s otto hightower is portrayed via actor rhys ifans, whilst younger alicent hightower is played by way of emily carey and grownup alicent via olivia cooke.


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