How Black Adam Returns From The Dead & Becomes A God

A new trailer for Black Adam shows that the titular antihero is brought back to life and becomes a god, but his path to getting there is complicated.

Black Adam has many recurring origins, dating back to his first creation on the Fawcett Comics website in 1945 to modern times.

The trailer for Black Adam shows the body of Dwayne Johnson placed in modern times in a machine full of inner space and at the same time reveals images of his life in ancient times.

Black Adam was created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, first appearing in The Marvel Family # 1 in 1945, where he was described as an ancient Egyptian named Teth-Adam.

which was chosen by the wizard Shazam as his champion and heir. Black Adam took over the powers of the Egyptian gods and became almost invincible.

Adam returns after 5,000 years of traveling on Earth and has to meet the new Shazam (Billy Batson) and the Marvel family before he is defeated.

The extent to which she is full of Shazam's power is not yet known, but the elevation of her body seems to be related to the mechanical reincarnation of Sivana (or something similar).

In the end, it's a bit of a mystery how Black Adam adapts his comic book origins, but it's clear that the DCEU allowed themselves to use it.


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