How Maverick’s Box Office Compares to Top Gun 1

Top Gun: Maverick hit theaters in the first few weeks, but how does it compare to the original Top Gun?

The first Top Gun was also a huge box office success, but due to changes in inflation and the development of the theater market, the box office revenues of the two films are not directly comparable.

Top Gun was the most lucrative film of 1986 and one of the films that led Tom Cruise to superstarm.

It may have taken 36 years to get the sequel, but the property and Tom Cruise are still in a great box office, as shown in Top Gun: Maverick's.

The Top Gun opened in May 1986 for nearly $ 8.2 million in the domestic market and actually rose 15 percent in the second week (Memorial Day weekend) to $ 9.4 million.

Then, during the third weekend, it fell just 27 percent to $ 6.9 million before returning to $ 8.2 million in the fourth weekend, hitting its first weekend numbers by several thousand dollars.

It's been in theaters for over six months, earning a total of $ 176.8 million.

The Top Gun opened with 1,028 screens and grew to 1,531 screens in a matter of weeks, retaining more than a thousand screens in 24 weeks.


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