How One Fight Completely Changed Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu Style

A fight in Bruce Lee's life completely changed his kung fu style. Long before he became a martial arts legend, Lee had a now famous encounter with Wong Jack Man in 1964.

The actor is known for creating his own approach to kung fu, which is now known as Jeet Kune Do. Designed as a system of martial arts ideas.

rather than a true "style" of kung fu, Jeet Kune Do was designed for the purpose of giving the practitioner a way to react to any combat situation,

instead of forcing them to rely on the traditional stances and movements associated with the old styles of kung fu.

As for what he practiced before developing Jeet Kune Do, the actor used a popular Chinese style known as Wing Chun during his youth.

As a teenager, he learned Wing Chun kung fu under the guidance of Ip Man, the famous martial arts master who was played by Donnie Yen in all four Ip Man films.

It was in the mid-1960s that Lee began to leave Wing Chun behind to create his own fighting style.

What motivated this decision was the fight Lee had with Wong Jack Man, a martial artist who had trained in Xing Yi Quan, Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi.


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