How to Reroll in Tower of Fantasy

One of the fastest ways to play Tower of Fantasy is to collect the first seven gold cores in Astra to get new rewards.

While Tower of Fantasy is far from stingy when it comes to showering new Wanderers with early-game rewards,

There are undoubtedly newcomers who are F2P-focused who could be unfortunate or unsatisfied with their Special Orders.

After all, the gacha RNG is rarely a dependable resource, giving some players numerous SSR units while giving others what they perceive to be the unfortunate bottom of the barrel.

However, rival Genshin Impact has mercy systems in place along with event rewards that are guaranteed to give players the best characters and weapons.

Nevertheless, understanding how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy will certainly come in handy for those who decide to do so.

Tower of Fantasy isn't a particularly sophisticated game because its linear plot and straightforward gameplay are geared more toward a casual, mobile-focused audience.

Although this game hasn't been in mainland China for long, it's nowhere near as established as gacha giants like Genshin Impact.


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