Is Obi-Wan Finale About to Give Added Oomph

When the end of Obi-Wan Kenobi tries to fill the most obvious hole in the Star Wars canon he's ever made,

in addition, the Disney + series could add more emotional weight to the great moment of the original film trilogy.

The canonical separation of the hand is well discussed in every past episode and includes how Princess Leia in episode IV

"General Kenobi, you served my father in the Clone Wars years ago ..." not how the young woman took part in such an intense Sith Revenge adventure when Obi-Wan negotiated with a Jedi Master to speak.

And even though some fans refuse when Leia shows a certain attitude or hides confidence in her actions from the past,

Obi-Wan Kenobi writer / executive producer Joby Harold has revealed that the apparent hiccup will be addressed following the end of the season, this Wednesday.

The last time we checked, Obi-Wan noticed - after Darth Vader and his Imperial attack on Jabiim's base escaped on the Road - that there would be some "traffic."

Instead, viewers see the wounded Reva, back in Jabi, looking at fragments of Baila Organy Kenobi's holo message.


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