Jada Pinkett Smith Hopes Will Smith & Chris Rock Reconcile

Smith shocked the audience and home audience that followed the event in 2022 when he stepped on stage and rocked Rock after a comedy related to Pinkett Smith's alopecia.

The incident was immediately followed by confusion and many criticisms of the decision to allow Smith to remain on stage and even soon to win an Oscar for Best Actor.

Smith was eventually banned from awarding Oscars for another ten years, which means that in 2023 she was not allowed to present an Oscar for Best Actress, as is the tradition.

Many Hollywood celebrities have responded publicly to the incident, including Michael Bay, Zoë Kravitz and Jim Carrey.

However, there is great interest in how you should respond to the three central characters, Pinkett Smith, Smith and Rock.

Meanwhile, Rock hasn't said very much about what happened but has indicated he'll talk more about it in the future.

However, it should be noted that the incident is recent. There are so many updates and reactions to it that it's easy to forget that the Oscars didn't take place until the end of March.

Many things about the hit remain a mystery, including how it will affect Smith's long career and how Rock truly perceives the actors and the reaction of Hollywood today.


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