Jennifer Hudson Counts Down To Birthday Amidst Awards

The singer is counting down her birthday while celebrating a new success.


She shared a post on her Instagram page showing off his awards and referencing his EGOT status.

The "Dream Girls" star also talked about her new moniker, "17."

In a preliminary interview with Gayle King, he explained why he took the new moniker.

The actress also revealed that she was overwhelmed when she realized what it means to win a Tony Award.

J.Hud won a Tony Award for the musical "A Strange Loop," which she produced, becoming the youngest woman to win the prestigious award.

The "Cats" star gave a full look at the collection, which includes two Grammys, an Emmy and an Oscar, the latter being a Tony Award.

Fans and colleagues flooded the comments section to congratulate her and express their pride and joy at the laudable achievement.

The singer will debut her new talk show, "The Jennifer Hudson Show," on her birthday this September.


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