Jets Send Zach Wilson To Quarterback Rehab - Is There A Path For His Return ?

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - - A devastated Zach Wilson stood in front of his teammates in a forced meeting room on Wednesday and apologized for the previous


Sunday's press conference - - which made him a public banner child for irresponsibility. Old planes from New York 

Freshman quarterback Mea Kulpat made a promise to her teammates. "In his starting position, he will give the best for the country."

Cornerback D.J. Reid told ESPN. “He made it incredibly clear. But, does it make sense?

The Jets offered an extremely loud statement Wednesday by waking up their quarterback if they were prepared to live in a world without Wilson.

From the second, they have him No. 2 overall in May 2021, he was their be-all and end-all. 20 After an overall unfavorable start,

He introduced their third string. Mentor Robert Saleh, whose energy turns negatives into positives,

He announced his intention to guarantee that Wilson would return this season. (Talk about a tepid display of positive support for Mike

White, the new QB1.) Despite the injury, he will be the main way the Planes (6-4) fall out of contention for the season finisher.

If white keeps them in the race once, why is it a good idea for them to push him?


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