Jim Thorpe is reinstated as the sole winner of two events

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Jim Thorpe is back as the only Olympic pentathlon and decathlon winner in 1912 in Stockholm

almost 110 years after those gold medals were stripped for breaking the strict rules of amateurism at the time.

The International Olympic Committee announced the change on Friday to mark the 110th anniversary of Thorpe's decathlon victory

Thorpe, a Native American, returned to the New York show, but it was discovered months later that he had been paid to play in two summer minor league baseball games.

He was stripped of his gold medals in what is being described as the first major scandal in international sport.

Thorpe remains one of the most famous all-rounders of all time. In 1950, he was named "Athlete of the Half Century" in an Associated Press poll.

In 1982 - 29 years after Thorpe's death, the IOC awarded his family double gold medals, but his Olympic records were not restored, nor was his status as the only gold medalist in both events.

Two years later, a Bright Path Strong petition advocated declaring Thorpe the outright winner of the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon.


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