John Cena’s Fast X Return Must Resolve Jakob’s FF4 Plot Hole

John Cena will reprise his role as Jakob Toretto in Fast & Furious 10, which must close the plot gap his Fast & Furious 4 debut left for Mia.


Following the debut of Jakob, the Fast & Furious franchise must fill a significant Fast & Furious 4 storyline hole thanks to John Cena's comeback in Fast X.

In the first eight films, only Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his younger sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) were depicted as family.

The inclusion of Dom's father in F9 changed that, but the real shocker was the appearance of Dom's younger brother, who had never been seen in the previous movies.

Even after F9, there are still many questions about Jakob's background, but it is anticipated that John Cena will return to the role of Dom's brother in Fast X.

The sequel serves as the first instalment of the main franchise's two-part finale. Except for Luke Hobbs, almost every character is anticipated to return.

Fast & Furious 10's Jakob is already positioned to be a returning character after taking a heroic turn in F9's climax.

He and the eventual conclusion to Dom's story could help the franchise fill in some of the plot holes that Jakob's arrival caused.


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