Johnny Depp's Lawyers argue against Amber Heard's outlandish efforts to get a new trial

The Virginia lawsuit pitting Johnny Depp against Amber Heard was legal, but it gave many admirers a six-week fixation.


Heard, who was unsuccessful in the circumstance, need a new preliminary. Depp's legal counsel, though, argued on Monday that she has

There is "no meaningful foundation" for giving her another chance, and her attempt to do so "borders into the meaningless."

In response to Heard's motion last week asking for preliminary information, Depp's legal counsel produced a 40-page document.

To preserve the Fairfax County judge's decision from June 1st, Judge Penney Azcarate

Depp was primarily tracked down in his favour, and he was given more than $10 million in fines.

Another preliminary is requested by the electorate," the Depp brief concluded.

Depp's legal counsel recorded their response on Monday.


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