Justin Jefferson is a leading NFL MVP candidate and for good reason

Disclaimer: This section covers a wide range of biases, including individual, innovation, location, and geographic biases.


I throw them into the stew like another potato. Here are my picks for the 10 most important players in the NFL right now

means whoever gets injured or plays for a terrible team doesn't get a chance to think. That leaves the usual suspects like Aaron Donald,

Cooper Kupp, Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Tom Brady. Josh Allen hasn't taken care of business since he played

it is not enough to manage to touch the elbow. 49ers tackle Trent Williams may be the best offensive line in the game,

however, he's an offensive lineman, and that doesn't come close to skill players and effective safeties.

Loyalists argue that Matthew Judon runs the poachers' association, although, as we saw on Thursday night, he is not the driving force in the deep premium.

What we saw Thursday night was Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson suddenly showing off to the public, this time at the NFL draft.

the standard for most receiving yards in three seasons - and six games in a third season. He is handsome. Check it out to find out

where he lists my MVP contenders: 10. Micah Parsons, Cowpokes rusher. Perhaps the most important defense in the NFL.


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