Katie Parker & Mali Elfman Interview: Next Exit

Next Exit, which recently came out at the top of this year's Tribeca Film Festival, is a ghost story that ignores the question of whether ghosts are running beneath us and diving right inside.

The film is the debut of Mali Elfman's feature film (daughter of legendary composer Danny Elfman and Karen Gillan's The Party's Just Beginning).

Katie Parker (The Haunting of Bly Manor) and Rahul Kohli (Midnight Mass) play in Next Exit as Rose and Teddy.

a few lost souls who find themselves on the way to exchanging their earthly lives for the promise of death that is real.

When Dr. Stevenson (Karen Gillan) conducts a science experiment that allows him to observe souls outside the realm of the living,

those who are tired of their lives flock to be a part of it. But could Teddy and Rose find a reason to stay once they meet one another?

When a scientist publishes national reports proving that he can follow people in the next life, Rose finds a way out and Teddy sees his chance to finally do so.

As these two unworthy laughs break through the country, they meet people on the street who force them to count what actually drives them.


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