Liverpool wins FA Cup 2022

Liverpool wins FA Cup last in the wake of beating Chelsea in harrowing punishment shootout

Watch all the progress in the big game as Liverpool face Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley

There's something about that Liverpool group.

For each of its features - - unique squeezing,

Guarded intensity, storm attacks - - perhaps most of all is a sense of reflection events, for example.

As in the last League Cup recently at Wembley,

Jurgen Klopp's men need penalty points to face Chelsea and pick up some cutlery in the same arena.

Although the Reds are unlikely to be the main English team

To win each of the three home matches and the European Cup,

Four times the potential of winning the FA Cup.

Two office awards this season, space reserved for two more.

That's why Liverpool fans dream. History can be in any case.

As in the previous League Cup, a score of 120 minutes is not a distortion of the nature of the match.

Chances were made, and goal lines were shaken,