Liz Cheney offers a stark message to the GOP members

At the end of her introductory remarks, Rep. Liz Cheney sent a strong message to members of her party who continue to support former President Donald Trump and downplay the events of January 6.

"Last night, I said to my Republicans who were defending the indefensible: The day will come when Donald Trump will leave, but your shame will remain," he said.

Cheney is a leading Republican in the House Committee that investigates the insurgency and a vocal critic of the former president - he risks his own political future.

On January 6, he was the third highest in the country. Months later, he was removed from command as revenge for his persistent criticism of Trump's election lies and role in the uprising.

There were seven Democrats and only one Republican MP in the House of Commons investigating the attack. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who announced last fall that he will no longer run.

Cheney accused Jan in his statements. 6 attacks on the former president.

He accused himself of inciting violence by spreading false information in the weeks following the 2020 elections and ignored calls from his advisers to teach the sewer to stop.

In fact, he quoted testimony from West Wing administration staff on January 6 that Trump was shouting and angry at advisers who told him he had to act to end the violence.


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