Lost: What Really Caused The Plane Crash

Despite the role that Jacob played in the fact that everyone on the island got lost, he is never guilty of what happened on Oceanic Flight 815. The plane crash that occurred in the pilot episode is an incident that tells that the story is moving and pushes. all in season 1 its the main cast on the island.

During the series, various theories are proposed to explain what drives the plane.

How it all goes together is finally explored in the last two seasons of Lost, as he explores the two biggest players in the story, namely Smoke Monster and Jacob, the mysterious, so-called protector of the island.

Jack, Loke, Hurley, and others finally understood that Jacob was the "man behind the curtain," and the fastener that held them all together.

He selected each of them as candidates to replace and took steps to bring them to the island. While the arrival for many passengers was an unfortunate accident, there were several because Jacob wanted to.

It is undeniable that the machinations behind Jacob's scenes are what govern the story, but that does not mean that Flight 815 crashed. However, this accident can be attributed to the actions of another character - Desmond Hume of Henry Ian Cusick.

At one point in Season 2, Desmond believed he was slowing the plane when he failed to press the Hatch button. His theory is supported by the discovery that one moment he did not press the button coincided with the time of the accident.

Because there were many doubts at the time as to whether the button should have been pressed, it is not clear whether Desmond was right, but later incidents show that he was to blame.


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