LPBW’s Isabel Rock Stuns in Swimsuit 6 Months After Giving Birth

Isabel, 26, shared an image of her at a swimming pool in Arizona on Instagram Thursday, June 9. The mother of one child was amazed by the black swimsuit she paired with a white sun hat.

She candidly revealed her feelings about sharing the photo just six months after giving birth. “Initially upon seeing this photo of myself, I thought,

"Damn, I look good!" Which is surprising, because I NEVER thought I'd want a picture in a bikini, "Isabel said.

"Then my inner critic said terrible, bad things, and I promised he would never see the light of day again."

this is me giving the middle finger to my inner critic I feel good. I look good. I am so much more than just my body.”

"We can change this place to normalize the fact that we don't want to be exactly where our bodies are,

but we can still show ourselves and work to make love strongly and bravely - just like the rest of us, "he continued." You all have a warm maternity summer. "

Isabel - who married Jacob in 2019 (25) - also revealed inspiration for the child's name. "In fact, I fell in love with Matthew many years ago," he wrote


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