Marvel Finally Reveals the Origins of the Spider-Verse

Marvel has now revealed the complete history of the Spider-Verse, and it's a significant discovery that alters Spider-Man lore irrevocably.

Despite being extremely well-liked and inspiring major comic book series and the blockbuster film Into the Spider-Verse,

Up until now, the specifics of the origins and creators of the Spider-Verse have mostly remained a mystery.

Dan Slott came up with the idea for the Marvel Spider-Verse crossover after working on Activision's Shattered Dimension story game.

However, J. M. Straczynski's run on Amazing Spider-Man is essential to the series' premise.

which debuted the concept of Spider-Totems as the enigmatic origins of each spider-based hero and the significant multiversal antagonists featured in the 2014 Spider-Verse crossover.

With the introduction of new characters and their connections to the multiverse structure known as the Web of Life and Destiny, the popularity of the series significantly increased the scope of Spider-canon. Man's

The Web of Life and Destiny and its purported creator, however, were not fully explained in Spider-Verse or its sequel Spider-Geddon.


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