Marvel Turns Disney+ series Armor Wars Into Film

It appears that Marvel first announced the Armor Wars series with Don Cheadle in December 2020.


Marvel Studios believed that the Armor Wars story would fit the film better than the TV series

The Armor Wars TV series doesn't seem to have been mentioned anywhere in the Phase 5 and 6 projects announced by Marvel during San-Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel has not confirmed the director of Armor Wars. However, Yassir Lester remains on the project as a writer.

Marvel's Armor Wars is expected to follow the events of the Disney+ series. Secret invasion

Samuel L. Jackson will return to reprise his role as Nick Fury in Armor Wars.

Cobie Smulders will also return to reprise her role as Marie Hill in Armor Wars.

Emilia Clarke, who made her MCU debut with the Secret Invasion series, may appear as Mark Abigail in Marvel's Armor Wars.

Production on Marvel's Armor Wars is expected as early as 2023, and the film could be released in mid-2024.


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