Mason Thames & Madeleine McGraw Interview: The Black Phone

Black Phone, in theaters on June 24, is the latest team among the dynamic duo to produce the 2012 horror hit Sinister.

Screenwriter and director Scott Derrickson returns to his exciting roots with co-writer C. Robert Cargill, a film that brings the coolness that fans can expect from Blumhouse Productions.

The 2004 film based on Joe Hill focuses on a kidnapped child and a mysterious phone call.

Mason Thames, who starred in For All Mankind and Walker, played Finney Shaw in his first film role.

After being kidnapped by a horrible killer named The Grabber, Finney began receiving phone calls from former victims when he was trapped in a basement.

Meanwhile, his sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw, Secrets of Sulfur Springs) tries to find him from the outside with a little help from her psychic dreams.

Finney Shaw is a shy but agile 13-year-old boy hugged by a sadistic masked killer in a soundproof cellar.

When the broken wall phone rings, he soon finds that he hears the voices of the killer's previous victims.


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