Mayans MC Season four: EZ’s Darker Turn Explained By Showrunner

Co-author and showrunner Mayans MC Elgin James talks about the human development of the protagonist of EZ in the fourth season.

Mayans MC is a product of the longtime Sons of Anarchy and has the potential of a unique biker gang and similar topics of revenge and corruption.

J.D. Brown, Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Emily Rivera, Michael Irby and Edward James Elmos.

Mayans MC was followed by EZ (Pardo), who began collecting as a prospectus at the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

The collection sees him climb a mountain in the ranks of his employer and becomes de facto president after ousting former President Alvarez (Rivera) and refusing to exchange peace.

The conflict between these 2 factions has long since begun with the Mayans MC, and the new EZ leadership is likely to contribute if the series changes in the fifth season.

Although Maya's MC tries to find her own voice, their compelling characters are a force of reason, a force that keeps him on course.

The fourth season of the Mayans MC leaves many unanswered questions, and hopefully next season 5 will also explore the direction of EZ's darkness as the new member president.


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