Mother’s Day 2022: Where to find the perfect gift

Mother's Day is approaching, but it's still time to find the perfect gift before the big day comes. If you are looking for something unique and locally made, we have a few ideas where you can start shopping this week.

Shelley Arnusch, editor-in-chief of Avenue Magazine, has produced several global reports for Mother's Day, from locally brewed beer and carefully crafted models to vegan soaps and Calgary-made fashions.

Visit Calgary’s local distillerie


"It's one of the distilleries in the Manchester area ... there are a lot of beers in this area, but there are also a few distilleries and Confluence is one of my favorites, they just make great gin."

Arnusch has added a trip to a local winery, which can also be a good starting point for the perfect Mother's Day gift.

"It's called City and Country, and of course we don't grow grapes here, but they make the wine. It's a great wine and it's gluten-free and vegan." The city and country are the only wineries in Calgary and also have wine tasting.

However, if alcohol is not on your mother's list, Arnusch says there are plenty of locally brewed mocktails that you can try. "If your mother doesn't drink alcohol, a lot of non-alcoholic cocktails are also made here," he says.

Shop local craft

From local markets to sustainable living, Calgary offers a wide variety of products made by the community to explore.

"There are places in Inglewood like Pharmacy and Canary Goods and more you can get beautiful bathroom products and environmentally friendly things," said Arnusch.

Mother's Day Market at Saskatoon Farm is also a great place to see if you are looking for an activity to visit with your mom. With over 60 vendors and its own restaurant and greenhouse, you can shop, eat and satisfy your mom all day with her green thumb, all in one place.

Refresh your mom’s wardrobe with locally made fashion


"Kate Hewko, they are a locally established brand," she said. "For moms who just like to be a little different, you can find jewelry and sunglasses and nice jackets and things like that."

Avoid the hassle and shop pre-made basket


You can avoid the hassle of finding the perfect gift and choosing a pre-made basket to give to your mother. Places like The Gift Designers have many curated Mother's Day gift baskets ready to use for themes, including recreation, outdoors, wine and even chocolate.