Ms. Marvel Episode 1 MCU Easter Eggs and References

Main stage Ms. Marvel is full of Easter MCU eggs and links to Marvel comics.

Marvel's Kamala Khan left a mark on the world when she was introduced in 2013, Marvel's most memorable Muslim-American hero.

In 2015, street specialists in San Francisco used photos of the lady. Marvel in the fight against the Islamic State Freedom Initiative

President Barack Obama abandoned the name of Kamala Khan when he met in 2016 with one of his co-creators, Sana Amanat.

It is therefore inevitable that Kamala Khan will ever make his MCU debut. The surprise should stop with the presentation of Ms. Marvel to Avengers: Endgame,

because they accept that Captain places Marvel as a central participant in their common universe - one that can inspire Kamala Khan and the like.

Post-credits Mrs. Marvel Episode 1 shows Damage Control investigating a new god.

Comics often see Kamala Khan fighting for public power, so he examines damage control as a common problem for Ms. Kamal. Marvel continues.


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