Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review

Immediately after announcing their hiatus, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and V are making headlines in people's lives.

A secret group finds her, and the leader is a man who vows to help Kamala save what she doesn't quite know yet. Get on board as there is a lot of action.

Marvel continues to surprise me and I'm not complaining. Ms. Marvel is a show about a human with human conflicts and how she confronts them with a superpower with a touch of humanity.

Writing is closer to home than ever because it is no longer a white city translating what it sees through its diluted perspective. It is now more sought after and experienced.

To someone sitting in the West, this might seem like a child making a fuss over something simple. But for me, this representation screams and I'm happy.

I see Shah Rukh Khan mentioned organically without a white person taking his name just to be able to mark a pointer.

I see Hindi songs that blend organically with an English narrative and don't look weird. These may be basic steps, but they are great.

Remember what they did to Kingo's Bollywood roots in the Eternals? Well, Ms. Marvel is definitely a payback for that crime and I accept Kevin's apology.


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