Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review

That Najma sacrifices herself to close the gate, but also gives the deadly power to her son Kamran.

Ms. Marvel is an important show for the real world, even if the setting is fantasy. There is a show that is unusual and funny, as we deserve.

As Kamala rescues her, she declares her identity and negotiates the new life she must now live while remaining in a supportive but still conservative family.

As the introduction of mrs. Marvel is the most unique product that Marvel has produced in their series. Moon Knight comes in the second half.

The plan here is not about saving the whole world, but about self-acceptance. Like the Superheroes, there is a family that worries them.

That's what Marvel has been missing for a long time. What it also lacks is the true representation of Asia that Shang-Chi brings and Bisha K Ali takes it to the next level with Imam Vellani in the lead role.

The sixth episode was kind of a meeting point of everything we saw in the first 5 episodes. Kamala Khan tells her family and out loud that she is the superhero Jersey is talking about.

She accepted and her mother gave her a Ms. costume. Marvel only has a touch in the ears. A very nice ending.


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