Must-See Fall Movies - 2022

'Goodnight Mommy' (Sept. 16) 


Naomi Watts plays a mother who is at home recovering from cosmetic surgery with her entire face bandaged. Her twin boys come to visit, although not only does she look unusual, but her actions are unusual, the children wonder if this strange woman is really their mother.

'The Woman King' (Sep. 16) 

The action-packed historical epic places Viola Davis as the lead trainer of new recruits for the wild Agojie, preparing them to battle a European threat bent on taking over their kingdom. .

'Don’t Worry Darling'  (Sept. 23) 

Cracks form in Alice's existence as a happy housewife when she begins to have strange dreams and question her surroundings.

'Bros'  (Sept. 30) 

The podcaster deals with work issues as the curator of an LGBTQ cultural museum and personal issues when a new relationship with a mature but thoughtful athlete pushes him away from the game.

'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' (Sept. 30) 

Zac Efron embarks on a crazy plan to deliver cans of beer to friends on the front lines and get a taste of the conflict up close during a life-changing journey.

'Hocus Pocus 2'   (Sept. 30) 

Set 29 years after the original Halloween cult classic, the sequel centers on three teenage girls who accidentally unleash the Sanderson brothers on Salem again.

'Halloween Ends'   (Oct. 14) 

A young man accused of murdering a boy is the inciting incident that leads to the final confrontation between Laurie and her archenemy, the masked maniac Michael Myers.

'The School for Good and Evil'  (Oct. 19) 

Two best friends are transferred from their village to an experienced school with colorful teachers who train heroes and villains.

'Black Adam'  (Oct. 21) 

The anti-hero's dark sense of justice puts him on the radar of the Justice Society of America, and he must decide whether he is a good guy or a supervillain.


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