NASA’s James Webb telescope reveals the universe

At first glance, the first image of NASA's new James Webb Space Telescope might not be so spectacular.

But in fact, the only visible small specks in the universe are galaxies - billions of years old.

"If you hold a grain of sand at arm's length with your fingertip, that's part of the universe you see," NASA Director Bill Nelson said Monday of the image.

And more than what this photo captures are some of the first galaxies to form in the universe.

Additional images obtained by the James Webb Space Telescope should reveal which galaxies are inhabited far, far away, Nelson said.

The White House and NASA unveiled the first in a series of photos of the telescope since it was launched from Earth more than six months ago.

NASA plans to release the photo today as part of a collection of preliminary science results, but decided that the more dramatic image of Biden should be revealed to the world.

The $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is the most sophisticated observatory ever launched. She left the country in December.


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