Nathan Fielder’s New Show The Rehearsal Trailer Is Cryptic At Best

Nathan Fielder is known for appearing in a mysterious trailer for his new HBO series, The Rehearsal.

Fielder is a comedy writer and actor considered for development and starred in the unwritten comedy series Nathan For You,

affecting his ability to play a straight man in unusually adverse circumstances. He is also the executive producer of the HBO How To Collection with John Wilson.

Today, Fielder released a trailer for his upcoming series The Rehearsal, although the fast trailer raises more questions than solutions.

The trailer shows Fielder looking at a figure with his little one from different angles on a digital camera on the screen in front of him.

The series award is an international award in which people get the opportunity to practice their personal lives,

despite the fact that the collection is written or without a script, it is not always recognizable. Fielder writes, directs, directs and the government makes the collection.

The trailer shows that when it comes to a screenplay series, it can be scarier than Fielder's other work, as expressed by the frightening ambient composition and Fielder's voyeuristic position.


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