Netflix Just Nailed DC’s Dumbest Superman Problem

Netflix's new show, The Guardians of Justice, serves as a satire in the superhero genre, even though it focuses on DC Superman's stupidest problem, which is why he has always favored the United States.

The Guardians of Justice, based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, Watchmen, was released on Netflix on March 1.

The series combines live action images with various animated styles and tells the story of a team of superheroes who try to save the world after the untimely loss of their leader, Marvelous Man.

As a parody of famous superheroes, The Guardians of Justice Marvelous Man mirrors Superman in a much better mirror than Bizarro.

Marvelous Man and Superman are both very powerful over all the heroes of other planets, but their similarities go beyond their strengths and origins, and it becomes right.

opening episode The Guardians of Justice Season 1, Episode 1, "It was a murder, she said!" If there is no explanation,

The great man came to earth and saved the human race by ending World War II in one day without supporting both sides.

Later, however, Marvelous Man prevented the assassination of JFK, but failed to save Prime Minister Khrushchev from the Soviet Union.


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