Netflix’s Persuasion is an absolute disaster

Purists will be sad, but what's wrong with this new version of Jane Austen's "Attraction" has little to do with its modern transformation.

We've seen countless contemporary names on Austen's classics, from high school matchmaking to the "Clueless" quote to the recent "Emma."

Regency era but very fresh and lively fresh feeling. Just this year, Andrew Ahn's "Fire Island" had the vision to capture "Pride and Prejudice"

If anything, director Carrie Cracknell's "Persuasion" realizes an interesting full-circle pop culture moment.

Austen influenced "Bridget Jones's Diary," and now Bridget even seems to have influenced Anne Elliot's utterly compelling portrayal of Dakota Johnson.

He drank a lot of red wine straight from the bottle, cried in the bath and lay on the bed, recounting his romantic grief with familiar self-control.

she also broken the fourth wall a few times "Fleabag" style, with a witty aside or good fun.

Anne joked that she was "prosperous," and of course she was everything, but she won so much in her loss that we couldn't help but root for her.


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