New York Rangers fan banned for life after ‘abhorrent assault’

Madison Square Garden said it had banned a New York Rangers fan for life after being seen hitting a Tampa Bay Lightning fan in the face on Thursday after the fifth game.

According to a video posted on social media, a Rangers fan turned around and struck a Lightning fan, knocking the men to the ground as they competed after a 3-1 victory over Tampa Bay.

The assailant appeared to leave the area while other people attended to the fan who got attacked.

Friday's Madison Square Garden statement called the incident a "disgusting attack" and said a Rangers fan was also attacking another person who tried to intervene.

"We are fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies because this is now a criminal case. The attacker will also be barred from entering The Garden and all other areas of MSG's life," MSG said in a statement.

"All visitors - no matter what team they support - must feel safe and respected in De Tún. This is our policy and always will be."

Police in several places confirmed that a 29-year-old man from Staten Island had been arrested in two cases of assault, assault and assault.

There was an interaction between the Rangers and Lightning fans before the punch struck, police said.


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