Below Deck Down Under: Captain Jason Chamber’s Best IG Pictures

Captain Jason Chambers is known for his handsome appearance in Under Deck Down Under and fans love to see all his beautiful photos on Instagram.

Season 1 of Lower Deck Down is almost over and viewers will fall in love with this new Under Deck franchise.

The Under Deck Down Under crew is based in Australia and will take their guests on charter boats around the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

At the head of My Thalass is Captain Jason, who has become one of the youngest leaders in the Under Deck franchise.

Despite his young age, he demonstrated his leadership skills as he faced the challenge and unmotivated crew of his debut season.

For the first time in Lower Deck history, Captain Jason Chef fired Ryan McKeown and third steward Magda Ziomek for failing in their roles.

Dear work, leave a heart full of hearts empty. Working alone is the happiness of your family. Parenting offers a purpose that is not really for your own needs ... ”

Under Deck Down Under fans like to know Captain Jason this season and can't wait to share more of his life on his Instagram.


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