Obi-Wan Officially Knows Tatooine Better than Tusken Raiders

In the new Marvel and Star Wars series Obi-Wan, the titular Jedi Master proves that he knows Tatooine better than Among the Raiders.

Over the years, Obi-Wan waited for A New Hope for a wild sandstorm that dominated the region, writing in his magazines and reflecting on his life.

However, the beginning of the issue shows that Obi-Wan knew in advance that a storm was approaching, and he accepted signs that only the native Sandfolk could dream of.

Obi-Wan, who was chosen to protect young Luke Skywalker after the events of the Revenge of the Sith, took the name Ben and became a Hermit Tatooine for 19 years.

At the time, Obi-Wan lived a life in the desert world, living in Jundland Wastes and watching young Skywalker from afar by rejecting Luke's Uncle Owen.

Today, the new Obi-Wan # 1 by Christopher Cantwell and Aria Anindita proves how good the Kenobi survivalist is on Tatooine.

Much of this new series looks back at undiscovered moments in Obi-Wan's history as the Jedi wait for a violent sandstorm by writing in her magazines.

However, it will still be exciting to see Kenobi's many hours on Tatooine in future issues. But Star Wars fans will have to wait for Marvel's Obi-Wan to develop.


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